Staff Training

Staff Training



All courses are supported with access to 'Lexicology for Reading,' Interactive Flashcards, tests and games - which have proven to be be an excellent motivational tool for self study and a productive use of online time.


Fees vary - discounts are available when you host training.


Bronze Teaching Licence

To gain a Bronze Teaching Licence it takes a minimum of eight hours which are generally spread over two days.


Silver Teaching Licence

This is a top up course at the end of the first and subsequent years as a Licensed Practitioner. This is a four hour course ( subject to numbers) that generally takes place over one day. During this course all participants will workshop and demonstrate their teaching of Lexicology. Following this course Licensed Practitioners will keep a logbook of their teaching experience in order to qualify to become a Gold Licence holder at the end of their Silver Licence.


Gold Teaching Licence

If you hold both Bronze and Silver Licences and have a completed and verified Logbook you may progress to your Gold. The Gold Licence takes a minimum of eight hours which are generally spread over two days. Those that hold a Gold Licence are Licensed to teach and award the Bronze Licence. Alternatively you may prefer to attend an annual top up course to maintain your Silver Licence.




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Training courses are available for both Tutors and Teachers to become Licensed Practitioners.


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Alternatively: In - House Staff Training can be provided. There is a minimum requirement of four places.



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