Thank you for making the TES SEN Show such a fabulous experience. It was very encouraging to hear so many people as enthusiastic about our products as we are.


One highlight of the show was agreeing to Snapchat for a lady only to find that it was for her followers at home in Dubai. The aim of the show was to spread the word far and wide to ensure that the maximum number of learners benefit from our courses, training and resources but we hadn't imagined chatting to those as far away as Dubai. We're so pleased that she liked the idea enough to share it with her followers. Maybe we will see her again at our training at Heathrow.


Another highlight was explaining the system and resources, in French, to a lady which seemed to attract attention and again we are happy to share our ideas overseas.




There is a free copy of Lexicon Textercise for the first person to spot the typing error on the reverse of the Flashcards and send in their findings on a contact form.


Prize winners that have been successfully contacted and prizes sent are as follows:


R Byrne Buckinghamshire Prefixology Flashcards


M Pereira London Suffixology Flashcards


L Hill East Sussex Lexicology Flashcards


S White East Sussex Suffixology Flashcards


Y Strickland Hampshire Lexicon Textercise



We have yet to receive full postal addresses from the following:



R Law ? Suffixology Flashcards


L Spencer ? Prefixology Flashcards


C Jones Arundel ? Lexicology Flashcards



Lexicology for Reading basic skills:

What are, how to recognise and when to use Long/Open/Untrapped

and Short/Closed/Trapped

Vowel Sounds.

Diphthongs/Gliding Vowels;

Vowel Digraphs including:

oo, ee, ay, ei;

Consonant Digraphs including:

sh, th, ch, wh;

Silent letters including:

b, n, d, e;

Syllabification of Key Stage Keywords;

Prefixology and Suffixology in

The National Curriculum including:

s, es, ing, est, un, ful, less, ly.




Lexicology for Reading basic skills are learnt through KS3/4 English,

Maths and Science keywords.

Over One Hundred Prefixes

and Suffixes are studied:

Inflectional Suffixes;

Derivational Suffixes;

Silent letters: h, t, k, g, u, c, w;

Subject specific Keywords,

if provided by the centre,

will be syllabified and

studied during the course.




Lexicology for Reading basic skills are learnt through the appropriate key stage vocabulary with

emphasis on the Schwa sounds;

meanings of Prefixes;

forms of

Inflectional Suffixes including -

Plurals: s, es, ies, ae, en;

Past Tense, Past Participles

Imperfect Tense,

Third Person Singular Present,

Comparatives and Superlatives.

Gifted and Talented


Bespoke courses,

for all age groups,

cover the origins of language

as well as meaning - Not just Lexicology but Etymology too.

Prefixes and Suffixes:

include many common in

medical terminology.

This course is

suitable for students:

Studying Latin;

Hoping to Study Latin in the future;

Planning a Career in Medicine.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ...




A well known proverb yet we still teach subject specific vocabulary without teaching what the component parts of the words mean...




Lexicology for Reading is the Key to improving Literacy across the curriculum...





Lexicology for Reading identifies the main advantage between Public and State School Education: the one advantage that everyone can address - The Classics or more specifically the Classical roots of language.




Understanding the meanings of affixes enables readers to decode otherwise unknown words. Through word association students are guided to discover that they already have the key to unlock unfamiliar vocabulary.



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